You don't know me...and I'd like to change that! It's hard to give a full telling of my story in just a few paragraphs; but, here are the highlights!


I grew up in Northwest Iowa, moved to Chicago mid-High School, then on to Nashville for College, where I have lived ever since! It was during college that repressed memories of sexual and physical abuse from childhood hit me like a ton of bricks. I was working full time, with a full time class load, and moving in and out of the hospital for self-harming behaviors, including a stint in the inpatient Psychiatric Hospital.

To say I was barely surviving is an understatement; but, my story was only beginning!


Once I took radical responsibility for my life and the choices I made, I started healing from the hurt of being so hurt and broken. I got married, graduated college, found forgiveness, got divorced, and started multiple (successful) businesses along the way before marrying the father of my children and forging a highly successful career in corporate America. (And yeah, decorating my body in tattoos along the way!)


And still, my story was only just beginning!

After undergoing a huge health and weight loss transformation, I started a local fitness company (using a Hula Hoop) and just a few years later left my high paying corporate gig and founded a national women's fitness brand. I spent nearly 5 years traveling the United States as a standing presenter at industry conferences, appearing in every major TV market, including national spots like CNN's MSNBC, and building a community of more than 10,000 empowered, self-loving women!

"Everyone deserves to be madly in love with their life - in fact, I believe that is God's plan for each and every one of us - a life free of shame, fear, and guilt, with fulfilling relationships, professional satisfaction and financial freedom."


Child of God, Certified Life & Business Coach

Having learned volumes about international manufacturing, investors, marketing, the universe closed that chapter in preparation for the next evolution. Here I am, using my experiences - the wins and losses - with people all over the world. If I'd  had a coach at any point along the way, I could have avoided lots of mistakes and my path would look a bit different. 


I've been through the fire as a leader, an entrepreneur, woman, mother, wife, daughter...and finally said "YES" to God's calling.


As a coach, it is my privilege to walk alongside "my people" -  women who are looking to transform their lives by saying "YES" to the plans God has. When we get in alignment with the purpose God has for us - EVERYTHING changes. There is clarity, ease, and joy. Anything outside of this is NOT the fruit of the spirit and exists only to rob you of the richness God has in store for you.​ You are a special breed. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Are you ready to receive what God is offering?

Want to know me better? Click Play below and check out the Ride or Die Tribe Podcast!

In addition to working with a select few coaching clients 1-on-1, I currently own and run two businesses.


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