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I know it can be so hard to ask for help. You may feel inadequate, weak, flawed. But, when you're not sure what you're doing with your life, when you question your worth or if you have anything to offer... it's time to reach out. The only weakness is holding onto the ego that keeps you from living and loving your life fully.

Bottom Line?

You're not alone and you don't have to do it alone.

Don't know where to turn? I'm here - helping women find alignment with their divine purpose through a faith-based approach. You're not alone.

What Is Faith-Based Coaching?

I don't believe you are broken - I do believe that God created you with a specific purpose in mind. You are uniquely built to fulfill this purpose. The answers are already within you - you just need someone to pray with you, ask the right questions, dial up the volume on that whisper of the spirit in your ear, and embrace the holy magic that is in every cell of your being. You need only be obedient to God's voice.


While there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the past, as a coach, I am most interested in where you are going! God has a plan for you - He always has. Whether it's stubbornness, comparison, anxiety, fear, worry, guilt, shame, doubt, or a host of other tactics the enemy uses to attack us- God offers freedom, wholeness and clarity to experience the life intended for you.

I am not ordained; but, I am living in the purpose God placed on my life. It took me a long time to accept a life of "everyday ministry." I am rebellious in nature and surrendering to God's plan has never come easy to me. I choose to do things the hard way - and that is where God has worked on me most (so has Satan, by the way). At the end of the day, God won. He always does. Now, He sits back with a smile on His face and I look to Him for guidance with my life and in coaching others. I don't always get it right - but I do know God is always there with grace, love, compassion, and more wisdom than I can fathom. 

Whatever purpose He has put on your heart - I want to pray with you. I want to be another set of ears for God's voice in your life. In doing life alongside you, moving you into alignment with you purpose, I am using the gifts God gave me and acknowledging His master plan for my own life.

Coaching Is Not Therapy

Life happens in the moments between sessions. I am fully available to my clients by text/email outside of our weekly scheduled times. If we are to break old happens and interrupt patterns we want to end, we have to do the work outside our sessions. As you are working to develop new skills and patterns, it becomes essential to have a "life line." Someone to not only hold you accountable, but help you navigate situations as they are happening. Some clients I hear from daily, others rarely except in out sessions; but, knowing your coach is available when you need someone is invaluable!

As an aside, many of my clients also have a therapist/psychiatrist, etc. I am NOT a physician and do not prescribe medications. HOWEVER, if together we think medication could be something useful to explore, I am always equipped with a list of docs I would recommend.


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