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I worked in corporate America for nearly 15 years, managing high profile, high stress, business critical projects side by side with the C-Suite. I was good at what I did. I was GREAT at it. When they had something hard to be done - they called me in. It was a badge I wore proudly. And, yet, I wasn't fulfilled. Sure, I was making a ton of money, but I wanted more. My answer to that was always having a "side hustle." I hopped from one Direct Sales company to another to help me connect with women and have a hobby/project that was entirely my own.


It wasn't until I underwent a major weight loss and health/lifestyle transformation that thing started to really click. I used a HULA HOOP to turn my health around and learned that so many other women were looking for what I had found. So, I started a Hula Hoop Fitness business. It was the 2nd OFFICIAL business I had started all on my own.


As the Hula Hoop hustle grew, I got further connected in the fitness industry and it was only a few years later that I ENTIRELY LEFT MY CORPORATE CAREER to be a full time Hula Hoop Fitness mogul. I spent 5 years creating a growing a national women's fitness company, learning about international manufacturing, venture capitalists, investors, publicity, social media marketing, and so much more. It was a huge hit.

Now, I share my experiences - the wins and losses - with my clients. I wish I had a coach to guide me through the learning curve of starting, running, and growing a business. It only makes sense that I would use all of my experiences to help other women live a life they design and a life they love.

If you have a side hustle that you wish was your main business, I can help you get there. It's time to write the resignation letter and say "hello" to the business and life that you dream about!

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"Every woman deserves a business she is proud of, a life she loves, and a bank account to match it all."


Certified Business and Life Coach

I have been privileged to appear on MSNBC's Weekend Express; KTLA Morning News; WGN's Midday Fix; featured in Reader's Digest; Contributor for Spark People; Guest Blogger for Sivana East, appeared as lead talent in numerous exercise videos (available on Vimeo and through FabFitFun TV), personal trained celebrities, and shared women's alternative fitness in every major TV market in the United States. 

I am a wife and the mother of two beautiful daughters, humom to Jupiter the Sphynx, sexual abuse survivor and Strategic Advisor for the non-profit Joined Forces Yoga. I am a Six Sigma Green Belt, certified PMP, Crowned For Success Certified Coach, and AFAA Group certified.

Kristin has been featured in countless media outlets, including:


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