Executive & Team Coaching

Being your best as a leader at the helm of the highest performing team is not a pipedream.

I spent more than a decade working for some of the largest insurers in the world and know all too well how the corporate "game" is rewarding and simultaneously can be the biggest roadblock to achieving your leadership potential. I've worked with BIG personalities in the C-suite, at the Director and Manager level, and with front line personnel and love rolling up my sleeves to help leaders and teams turn it around.

The successes I am most proud of from my corporate career involves improving communication and effectiveness with leadership teams and making measurable increases in employee satisfaction. And, if you knew the personalities that were at play, you'd be astonished. Most people said they needed to "clean house." I disagreed and went to work helping each leader show up in a powerful and positive way that changed the entire dynamic of leadership and the organization as a whole. All of this fuels my fire for helping leaders connect more deeply with their teams and peers to deliver the results you are capable of, in a way that you can be proud of.

Executive Coaching

As a leader, you are responsible for your development - for consistently finding ways to empower and influence those around you. Leadership tools and workshops are great; but, they are presented as a "one size fits all" solution. As I am sure you know - that doesn't work in the real world. When you have deadlines, personnel issues, conflict, and pressure to deliver,  implementing new tools seems overwhelming. The last thing you want is to have to relearn how you lead.

As a coach, I'm not looking to hand over some worksheets and seminars for you to be told how you're doing everything wrong. In fact, I believe you are probably doing a lot, if not most things, really well. I will work with you INDIVIDUALLY to identify where the disconnects may be occurring, how you can be more relatable without being someone else entirely, and help you tune into your natural leadership instincts. 

Team Coaching

Want to level up as a team? Maybe you are having trouble "clicking." Maybe you are doing well, but know you can do more. No matter what your reason, Team Coaching dedicates time to each member as an individual as well as the group dynamic.

All too often, we slap a couple team building days on the calendar during the year and expect a team to magically be bonded and high performing without giving proper attention to the individuals that make up the team and how each individual influences the team dynamic on a day to day basis.

Personality conflicts, power struggles, philosophical differences, opposing tactics- all of these can feel like insurmountable challenges when you're in the middle of the "mess." I can confidently say that all hope is not lost. I would love to learn more about you, your team, and your organization to help navigate these tricky roadblocks and get your team moving in sync.



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