Boundary Ninja

My specialty in BOUNDARY SETTING is one of the most frequently requested topics for online courses and I am excited to share this transforming course with the women of the world!

Why am I qualified to talk about this?

From family relationships to problematic bosses, I have a record setting number of bad experiences with people trying to control and manipulate me, make me feel bad so that I do what they want from a place of guilt and false obligation, taking advantage of their familial status or position of authority... you name it. 

In some cases, I have cut the person out entirely and gone NO CONTACT (I'm talking about very close family members here), taken an extended leave from the relationship, or quit the job. BUT - in most cases, it is possible to communicate clearly what is happening, how it makes me feel, and come to a great solution to move forward with the relationship in a healthy way, with respected boundaries in place and honored.

If you have trouble speaking up for yourself, standing your ground, or saying "no" without having to justify it (only to have the other person use your reasoning against you), then you need this course.

Setting boundaries is about loving and respecting yourself. It's about being your own advocate in a way that is healthy and productive, instead of damaging (like allowing pent-up resentment to explode in a yelling match and hurtful accusations, judgments, and name-calling that ends the relationship and causes lasting hurt.)

"The Boundary Ninja" e-Course

Boundary setting is tied deeply to the way we perceive ourselves and our own "power." You will work specifically in this course on identifying where boundaries are needed, which boundaries to implement, and how. It is a game changer and a chance for you to take radical responsibility for your life- break old habits, build new, healthy habits, and live with peace and freedom to breathe easy! This course is NOT about doing worksheets for 5 weeks and then "graduating." No!


This course requires you to WANT to transform the way YOU show up in relationships. You will have to be willing to take responsibility for your choices and how you may be enabling others to overstep their bounds. When you take responsibility for your choices, you can begin making choices that are healthier and contribute to your mental well-being and the health of your relationships.


"[Kristin}...lit a fire under me to ignite the changes immediately I needed to make. She gave me permission to be me, exactly as I am, no explanation necessary. To walk away from situations immediately that don’t serve me, with a simple “no thanks”. I had been explaining myself my whole life and answering to others, people pleasing at my own detriment. She’s incredibly versed at calling me out on my own BS and I immediately implemented her suggestions and wow it’s turned my perspective on life around, so quickly."

- Karla, New Hampshire

"I just want to say your boundary course has helped me make strides like you would not believe. It has been pivotal with me and my daughters relationship. OMG I love that she has shown more respect peacefully and lovingly in such a short time. I have not been able to make a difference in 2 1/2 years until now. I love the course is short each week, but intense by its own right. Love Love Love the simplicity but effectiveness. I look forward to every new lesson. Most useful and effective course ever!!!"

- Beth, Arizona


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