I am so excited to transform lives in three of my most favorite cities and I want you THERE!

Why even consider coming?


If you know you are meant for more than what you are currently doing in your life... but you don't even know what "MORE" might be, then this is for YOU!

If you know what you want, but feel like you aren't one of those "lucky ones" that gets a break and it'll never "happen" for you - then you definitely need to be there!

I want you to live with an extreme AUTHENTICITY- whatever you dream of, whatever you want for your life - you CAN have it.

It comes down to your mindset... YOUR INNER VOICE!

Are you Ready for the life you've always wanted?

Struggle with your inner voice saying you aren't good enough, you can't, you will never succeed?

Do you know you want more but don't know how to get there?

Change of any kind is scary; but, especially when it's your whole life at stake. Your financial security, relationships, status. It seems like a lot to risk. But YOU know there is more for you - more than what you are living - you just need the courage, a plan and a tribe to lift you up as you live fearlessly.

What if your mindset can shift in just two days and breakdown what's holding you back?


It IS possible and we will do it together!

Space is limited & I don't want you to miss out!

I've led thousands of women through these same hard questions - let's be real, I'VE wrestled these same monsters - and want to guide YOU to your fullest, most fearless and authentic life. Say "NO" to the same things you've been saying to yourself and be a "YES" to rewiring your self-talk. 

In this two-day, transformation weekend, we will lock out the world and focus on YOU! If you are ready for MORE in your life - this is for YOU!

The Fearless women who are committed to WAKING UP TO LIFE will experience:

  • Inner Voice Deconstruction ($300 value)

  • Discover and Manifest Your Vision ($200 value)

  • Energy Awareness ($100 value)

  • Meditation Workshop, daily meditation, and Morning Yoga w/ guest instructors ($175 value)

  • Focused journaling, Connection

  • ...a special gift to take home and SO MUCH MORE!


You are ready for the life you deserve and a tribe of women to cheer you on the whole way!

Transformation Weekends are full of more than $700 worth of workshops and sessions that will change the way you see yourself and the world!

Payment Plans ARE available!

Special BONUS

The first THREE ladies in each city to take this step to a bolder tomorrow will also get a 30 minute, Individual Coaching Session with Kristin! ($75 value)

Giving Back is important - 10% of all profits will go to  Joined Forces Yoga!



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