I am so glad you are here and it is only right that you get to know me a little before you go any further. People often ask me if there is anything I haven't done. The truth is there is plenty on the "not yet" list and my goal in life is to do/try as many things as I possibly can. That said, I have lived many lifetimes and enjoy the journey of reinvention. Let's start with some of the basics of who I am and you can decide from there if you want to dig deeper!


I grew up in Northwest Iowa, moved to Chicago mid-High School, then on to Nashville for college, where I have lived ever since! I went to Belmont University and studied Classical Vocal Performance - in other words, I'm a trained opera singer.


College was rocky for me and I barely survived. During the second part of my freshman year, I had to face mountains of repressed memories of sexual and physical abuse from childhood. I had a full time class load, was working full time, and moving in and out of the hospital for self-harming behaviors.

While I grew up in church, gave my life to Christ in middle school, and was active in my  high school youth ministry, I experienced a lot of church hurt and betrayal. I went to college angry at the church and, by extension, God. I didn't look to Him for healing during a time I needed him the most. While I never stopped believing, I did stop listening and wore myself out running away from God's grace.



Once I took radical responsibility for my life and the destructive choices I made, I knew I had to forgive the hurt done to me. I would be unable to do anything in life if I was holding to hurt and hate. God showed me what it means to forgive someone who has no remorse and from that divine gift, I started healing. I got married, graduated college, started a successful business, and got divorced  (in that order). Then, I met my now husband, had a couple kids, and moved into corporate America where I forged a highly successful career that was completely unfulfilling and soul-sucking.

After having kids and managing a stressful corporate job, I underwent a huge health transformation that led me to start a local fitness company (using a Hula Hoop). That business saw so much success that in just a few years, I left my high paying corporate gig and founded a national women's fitness brand...using a Hula Hoop!


I spent nearly 5 years traveling the United States as a standing expert presenter at fitness industry conferences, appearing in every major TV market, including national spots like CNN's MSNBC, and building a community of more than 10,000 empowered, self-loving women!


Having kids did something to my heart. I started to deeply seek God in my daily life and lean into the transforming power of Jesus. What a difference it makes in everything -- and I would need that for the hurdles ahead. At the peak of the fitness company's success, our investors pulled the plug and it was over. I was devastated; but, having learned volumes about international manufacturing, investors, branding, marketing, and much much more, I had become well-equipped for the next chapter.


God showed me that helping women was a special calling on my life and my coaching business took flight! I launched a podcast, built a full-time book of private clients, and saw God changing lives. But, oh, what a sense of humor God has. Just two years in, God put another seed in my life completely out of nowhere, and that was Adventure Alchemy. That brand has its own crazy story that I hope you'll read and enjoy. It moved me to coaching on a much more selective basis and fed the deepest desires God put in the fabric of who I am.


Adventure Alchemy took off overnight (literally) and I started limiting my coaching book drastically. God put opportunity after opportunity in front of me and within just a few months, my new company was featured in the Boston Globe and skyrocketed. That was one week before COVID-19 shut down travel all over the globe.

My heart broke again. "God! Why?" was the cry of my soul.  My whole world, much like yours, was turned upside down instantly. Kids were at home 24-7, I suddenly had no income, and the worries of the world were on my shoulders. I found small things to do to earn a little income here and there and was left empty and borken.

In the midst of the darkness, God said, "I promised to never let you down" and while I struggled to see how He was going to bring me through this, He did what only God can do. He materialized an entirely new business, overnight. She Shoots Training is my newest company offering women's firearm training. The story of She Shoots Training could only be written in the middle of a global pandemic. God's faithfulness and goodness never ceases to amaze me.


We will all look back on 2020 as the year that either was the best thing to ever happen or the worst. For me, it has grown my faith, deepened my trust in God's calling on my life, and shown me the goodness of His divine providence. I would be a fool to guess at what is yet to come. I don't even worry about it. I know Jesus is King and He sits on the throne every day. Nothing else matters.