I'm Baaaaa-aaack!

Like you, I'm sitting in this quarantined world trying to stay positive, motivated, and engaged. Holding on to sanity, it turns out, is a bit harder than we may have thought.


It seems like the perfect time to resurrect the podcast, so here we go! I'll be bringing you a play by play of my life in quarantine. Laugh, cry, whatever, but subscribe, download, and listen!

I could NOT be more excited to share with you the experiences and lessons of my life and even more amazingly?... the stories of women that I deeply admire.


It's authentic, transparent, overrun with my weird brand of humor, and imparted with the wisdom of the many amazing women who do incredible things in the world!

New Episodes are released weekly! SUBSCRIBE, Download and Listen on all major platforms!


Join The Tribe

I love Jesus AND cussing (I’m not perfect)- I’m not for everyone- and that’s ok. I still love you.  If you’re down for real talk with some flair, here’s your invite to our tribe of rock solid women!

Ride Or Die Tribe is a movement - a sisterhood of “bad bit%&es” that own their awesome, equally as much as their flaws, and show it to the world without shame, fear or guilt.

Our Mantra?

Live Authentically. Love Deeply. Speak Truth. Call bull$hit on ourselves and each other. We want you just as you are.


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