What if you could get a one-hour coaching session for just $25?

Well, you can and that's what I call a RIDICULOUS OPPORTUNITY!

...but what does it mean?

I want to make coaching accessible to everyone and share its benefits with as many women as possible, so I went a little crazy with the brainstorming and came up with an idea!

I am opening up one hour coaching sessions for just a $25 in yourself.


What's the catch? 

In order to take advantage of this ridiculous opportunity, you must be willing to allow the coaching session to be shared on the Ride or Die Tribe Podcast. Only one offer per person.

Whether you have a business, relationship, personal, trauma/grief-related situation/issue you want to work through, matters not. Coaching will come from my experiences in both life and business coaching.


Because coaching is personal and can dig into very personal things, each person will have the option to remain entirely anonymous by using a pseudonym for privacy. Of course, if you wish to be identified, that will be your choice. The decision is entirely yours and you can decide at the end of the session.


That's it! Have Questions before you jump in? Totally ok! Just email me!



READY TO DO IT? Here's how to get started:

STEP ONE: Complete the form below. 

STEP TWO: Sign and return the "Ridiculous Opportunity Contract and Talent Release" after completing the form below.

STEP THREE: Submit $25 Payment (instructions on next page)

STEP FOUR: Once the signed contract and payment are received, you will receive a scheduling link via email. Choose the time that works best for you.

STEP FIVE: Complete the Podcast Questionnaire that will be included in the scheduling email.

STEP SIX: Look for the official calendar invite in your email, which will include the Zoom link for our session.

*Must be 18 years or older to participate. Open to new clients only. Only one session per person.



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