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Helping Women Enter the World of Handguns for Personal Protection.


I grew up around guns- mostly for hunting and rodent control, so while I haven't really been "afraid" of guns, handguns weren't common place in my house. So, when my husband gifted me a .40cal handgun and a carry permit class for my 30th birthday, I was super excited. I also knew I had a lot to learn.


I clearly remember the first time I walked into a gun range with my newly acquired handgun: I. Was. Terrified. I felt stupid. I was surrounded by guys who knew all the things (or so I thought) and I was an outsider. I soon fell in love with shooting and have been learning ever since.


When COVID hit and riots broke out all over the country, I did what I'm best at- brought women together to empower them in the face of fear. It started with a Facebook group and going with women for their first time at the range and shooting. Lessons quickly became an in demand service and here we are.


I've married my decades of experience in training and coaching with my love and experience shooting handguns.

I'm now teaching lessons almost every day of the week, offering classes outside the range, and will complete my NRA Pistol Instructor Certification in October!

Ready To Shoot?

Here's the deal, you don't need a dude to save you - you are perfectly capable on your own and I'd love to help equip you with a new tool for personal protection! From one on one instruction at the range to class instruction off site, I'd love to get you start safely!

If you are registered for a Tennessee Enhanced Carry Permit Course, please let me know! You will want to have shot at least one time prior to taking that course.

Upcoming Classes

INTRO to Handgun Safety & Operation (Ladies only)

Saturday, September 12 @ 1-3pm

Cost: $35.person

Click Here

Ladies' Handgun Cleaning 101

Friday, October 2 @ 7-8:30pm

Cost: $30/person

Click Here

INTRO to Handgun Safety & Operation (for Couples)

Sunday, October 11 @ 2-4pm

Cost: $60/couple

Click Here

*If you would like a private class for a group of friends, family, colleagues, neighbros, etc. email



Not sure you are ready to shoot yet? Maybe the range is still a little bit scary. That's ok and pretty normal. Classes outside the range are a good place to start!

Classes offered include:

  • INTRO to Handgun Safety and Operation (Ladies Only)

  • INTRO to Handgun Safety and Operation (For Couples)

  • Ladies' Handgun Cleaning 101

...and more to come!

Class Location:

Nville Insurance Group

7211 Haley Industrial Drive, Suite 230

Nolensville, TN 37135



One on One Lesson Rates (thru October 2020)

To get started, complete the online registration form and I will be in touch to finalize lesson time and location with you.

1hr using YOUR handgun=  $45 + cost of ammo & targets

1hr using MY handguns=  $55 + cost of ammo & targets

The Fine Print

  • Payment is due via venmo within 24 hours of confirming a lesson time.

  • NO refunds. If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 6 hours before lesson start.

  • You must wear closed toe shoes, pants, and a short sleeve shirt for your lesson. No low cut tops.

Lesson Registration

To sign up for a lesson, complete this form and I'll be in touch ASAP.