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Creating Time and Space

Last year was my young company’s first retreat for our certified trainers. It was something I had dreamed of from the day I first started this FXP Fitness adventure. I had a vision of getting women together, who shared a common thread and filling their heads with knowledge, hearts with power and sending them off to spread more of the same in their own circles.

I went into last year’s retreat wanting so badly for everyone to have a transforming experience, for everyone to feel like they “got their money’s worth.” While I cannot speak for them, the feedback from the attendees affirmed that each person left a different professional, a different friend/wife/girlfriend/mom/daughter…a better person. They each left feeling empowered, inspired, and capable. It was a dream come true and re-affirmed for me, the importance of doing the immersion retreat every year.

So, I’m planning year 2. I’ll admit a little bit of fear mixed with doubt in planning this year’s retreat. The bar was set so high and I don’t want to disappoint. I care deeply for our “customers” — our tribe. I want them to know the retreat is about THEM. I mean, every one cried the first night and I think at least once a day after that– how can I recreate that vulnerability? Maybe I should google “poems that make people cry?”

No. In my struggling, I’ve meditated on the retreat and the same thing keeps coming up — *I* don’t make the retreat special. *I* am not the one responsible for the transformation of each beautiful, brave, smart woman joining us in Salt Lake City this year. I can create the time and space for our tribe to gather together and fill that space with love, authenticity and energy that encourages openness; but, in the end, each person adds their own energy, brings their own willingness or stubbornness and owns their individual experience.

What made last year special? Every person that came WANTED to be there –desperately wanted to be there. No one had a calendar free of scheduling conflicts or a pile of “Benjamins” burning holes in pockets- everyone had to invest heavily to be there. When you put that kind of dedication into physically being present, your inner self feels a heightened level of responsibility to be available to transforming moments.

Taking time for yourself is an important piece of self-care — a concept that we toss around in conversation but often don’t follow through on- or at least not frequently enough to experience the far reaching benefits to our personal and professional life. So, I am creating the time and space for this year’s retreat… in a location that’s far away from all of our tribe, no less. To get there, you have to desperately want to be there. And, because of that, I know we are in for another life-changing experience. The work for me is to silence my voices of doubt (what if we don’t get enough people signed up? Did I pick the right place? Is the retreat too short? Is it too long?) and remain open, myself, to the lessons available to me in this planning.

Are you feeling pressure to create magic at home or work? Stop. Right now. Why do you feel this pressure? How is pressure interfering with the real magic that’s inside of you? What IS your role and what is NOT? Take 3 intentional breaths in through your nose with a big release out of your mouth. Now, smile.

You are enough. You are MORE than enough. Create time and space for YOU — every day. Even if it’s just 3, uninterrupted breaths. Then go out and share you passion with the world. It’s what you need.

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