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Dear TRUE You...Wait. No. Who?

Ever wonder who comes up with catchy slogans, like “New Year, New You?” Mostly, it’s regular people or a team of people with a knack for words. It just so happens that the “New Year, True You” slogan you’ll see on our social media this month is something I came up with on a whim — it rhymes, people like the idea of new and authentic, so voila!

While my slogan would maybe get a (barely) passing grade in marketing class, I worried excessively about using this slogan. A million questions flooded my brain instantly: What if they’re already their own true self? Will they think we are undermining who they already are? Will it make people doubt their sense of worth? Does it even make sense? Ultimately, I “shooshed” myself and decided to stick with it, and here’s why:

“New Year, True You” is about being loyal to your truth, whatever it is.

Your truth may be that 2015 was a rough year; that you didn’t eat the way you wanted to, exercise as much as you hoped to, spend as much time with family as you intended. The list is endless. So, you had a bad day, week, year….. that is your truth and it is ok. Give yourself permission to be unapologetically ok with your truth. Then, learn and grow.

Is your truth that 2015 was an amazing year? A year of victories getting healthier, learning to listen to what your body needs, finding more energy through exercise. If this is your truth, celebrate it. Then, learn and grow.

Whichever boat you are in, hold on to your truth. Your experiences shaped you and the experiences ahead build off of what’s happened. Build on truth. Let go of the guilt that can come with having a bad day. We all have bad days — you’re allowed to. It’s just as ok to be angry as it is to be elated! In fact, you can’t have one without the other!

In 2016…the new year, what is your truest you? It’s an exciting thing to discover each day. Remind yourself, daily, that you are on a journey with ups and downs. Enjoy life without indulging to your detriment. Live healthy without depriving yourself. YOU will thank you for it. Daily.

I firmly believe that the TRUE YOU wants and needs balance. All too often I miss goals because I compare myself to someone else’s journey and hold myself to a truth that doesn’t belong to me. YOUR goals are uniquely YOURS. YOUR truths are YOURS to embrace. YOUR adventure is unique to YOU.

The common thread for all of us is self-care. Now, re-read the previous paragraph out loud (yep, it makes a difference) and replace “your” and “you” with the words “MY,” “MINE,” and “ME.”

How did that sound? Did it feel weird? Did it feel wonderful? Both? It’s all good! So, here is my “New Year, True You” challenge for each of you:

1. Grab a note card, piece of paper, smartphone note, whatever you prefer.

2. Write these words on it:

“My one goal is _____________________. This is my truth. I will live toward and in my truth. I will carry out my truth with kindness to myself and everyone around me. I am grateful for my truth.”

3. Place the note somewhere you will see it, set a reminder on your calendar — Read it OUT LOUD. Every day. All year. And if you want to share it with us — please do! We’d love to be part of your truth.

January 1 is symbolic for new beginnings all around, but a new beginning happens any time you choose. Make each day a new beginning and a new opportunity to love the TRUE YOU.

Go be amazing and know that I am here encouraging you at every turn!



©2020 by Kristin Benton.

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