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World's Okayest Mom Ever

Our marketing team asked me to write a blog with tips for managing life as a busy mom — you know, how to keep it all together between running a company (e.g. lots of travel and long hours), raising two daughters, being a wife, staying fit, eating healthy, maintaining friendships… all the things. I was like, “YES! Moms need this!” But, then I started to write. I instantly realized I am ill-equipped to offer this kind of advice. To be really honest — I’m barely making it myself.

This realization reminded me of the time that I saw a shirt at my favorite local shop that said “World’s Okayest Mom Ever.” Needless to say, I immediately bought it (p.s. you can get one too — click here). It’s become my new tag line. I don’t need to win the “mom award.” I want happy, healthy kids who need minimal therapy as adults. And I want to not go completely nuts while doing it.

I’m not here to give you parenting advice — there’s more than enough of that to go around a few million times. I’m not here to judge you — for every finger you point, three point back at you. I’m here to make a few confessions and maybe you won’t leave me standing by myself.

  1. My kids didn’t get a bath last night (and maybe not the night before) and their immune systems thank me. They’re too little to smell gross and I really enjoyed having a sit down family dinner and laughing over nothing after our bellies were full. #perspective

  2. I’ve only worked out 2 times this week (and I run a fitness company!). So what if I wanted to spend some quality time (doing pretty much nothing but talk about work) with my husband. #pastime

  3. I had a venti mocha instead of herbal tea (three times this week). Sure, it was with coconut milk and no whip, but oh those calories! It is my simple, daily pleasure and what’s the point if I’m going to feel guilty about my daily indulgence. I’m eating well the rest of the time (mostly) and I don’t ascribe to crazy, extreme eating — it’s not sustainable and I’ll never make it if I don’t have something totally indulgent sometimes. #balance

  4. Our laundry’s not done (like, ever) and if it weren’t for my husband, it might not even get washed. Who has time when there are snuggles to be claimed from my kids before bedtime? #priorities

  5. I haven’t returned all of my emails, calls, text messages, or Facebook messages this week (By the way, this is the one I struggle with the most- hands down). I shoot to respond within 24 hours, but I also need time with my family and believe it or not, I do require sleep — even if it’s only a little. And, half the reason my laundry’s never done is because I’m frantically trying to answer one more email…but then 2 more hit my inbox and I’m doomed to stay in email-land. Honestly, I’ve not gotten to be “ok” with this one yet and I know my husband wants me to stop emailing through the night… while I’m in bed. Anyone have advice here? #human #workaholic

So, yeah… I’d say I’m doing okay. I’m working on my perspective and getting marginally better at being “okay.” I will still beat myself up over everything I’m not getting done, or not doing perfectly, but writing this is a sharp reminder that I’m doing a lot of things right and it’s better to be present for the important things in life than to have an immaculate house, a flawless six pack and an empty inbox.

And now, after all that, I finally figured out what words of wisdom I want to impart… Let’s be kind to ourselves and other moms. Let’s be okay with our own “okay-ness” and encourage each other to be “okay.”

#encouragement #parenting


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