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"In My Power" - Now Booking!

After years of professional experience in primarily male dominated industries, to running a women's fitness company and becoming a mother to 2 amazing daughters, I've learned how truly powerful our influence as women is in a world that is hurting.

I have seen how women set the tone in the home, community, and the workplace and WE have a responsibility to accept this power. We have an opportunity to support each other without judgement, envy or ulterior motive. I am making it my personal mission to lovingly push each of you to stand in your power. Make the shift from fear and doubt into connection and encouragement! Take the power that is inside you to create a safe space for growth, where learning from mistakes is the highest honor and being loved without condition saturates the air you breathe.

These have been my personal challenges and I know from years of talking to women around the world that I am not alone. Let's change it together. I have a story to tell about the journey to loving yourself and finding and channeling your power and I want to share it with your group, school, workplace, peers, church, clients.

Email me to bring this talk to YOUR tribe! I can't wait!

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