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Forget That Last Blog.

I know it was a little veiled (sarcasm), but my last blog was, ummmm, troubled?

Here's the thing about being really transparent and vulnerable to your followers, you have you own your crap and then do something about it. My birthday was Tuesday, obviously and by Friday I was over myself. So annoyed by my own whiney ass that I could not stand listening to my own thoughts. What did I do about it?

I got mad, in a good way.

I literally said to myself, "Get up off your pathetic butt and go be the badass you know you are." Guess worked. I showered. I got dressed to go to the gym and I was stoked to "be back."

And then life said, "oh yeah... watch this."

I blew a tire on the way to the gym. My initial reaction in that fragile state was to say, "See? Nothing will ever go right for me." But NO! Instead, I put my middle finger up and said, "Yo, universe! I know how to change my own damn tire. How you like me now?"

I didn't make it to the gym and seriously considered going home, getting back in bed and picking up where my self-pity fest left off. But that is NOT my destiny. That is NOT ME! I mean, I changed my own tire in 10 minutes without any help...that's kind of a baller move (requisite pat on back).

What happens next?

It turns out there are more of you out there that value my input than I would have ever imagined. It's both humbling and encouraging. It may take a minute, but I'm excited to be planting the baby seeds of online learning content. Taking my consulting and coaching expertise into a new medium and making it more available. And, I'm excited - more excited than I've been in a while.

I've done big things. Bigger things are coming.

Watch me. Better yet - be part of it! Have a topic you really want to hear from me? Tell me about it, I'm sourcing topics and YOU are the one I want to hear from.


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