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Goodbye- And An Even Bigger HELLO

A day is here that I never imagine would come...and have dreaded for weeks. On April 2nd, FXP Hula Hoop®️ Fitness will close. A women's fitness startup that I built and ran with my whole heart and soul for the last 4 years has reached its final day. I left a successful career in corporate America, spent my life savings and gave up a lot of emotional currency to breathe life into the dream; but, today it goes dark.

The past 8 months were a bit dark for me as well- as investors continued to said "no" to a brand that generated a tribe of 25,000 incredible women, including 500 certified instructors. We couldn't grow fast enough for existing investors and yet, those who were touched by FXP Fitness grew immeasurably.

What I keep coming back to is that the product and the program were amazing. I believed in it from the beginning and still do - and the tribe who experienced it knows exactly what I’m saying. How can you argue with the kind of impact we made in thousands and thousands of lives?

Flying High

A year ago, we were at the climax of the business’ story- we had just come off being THE fitness product of the Grammy Awards gift lounge, filmed 10 new workout videos, secured our first small, but exciting deal with subscription box FabFitFun and were in the final selection round for Shark Tank (they even told us we were the leading favorite and should clear our calendars for filming).

And then, unbelievably, all of those opportunities closed as they "went different directions" and we no longer fit with their strategies. We went from soaring high to crashing quickly.

It's Over (cue Roy Orbison)...but also not.

While the tribe was asking what's happening, I found myself incapable of answering. I went through a period of embarrassment as I lost my way and my confidence. I was deeply depressed and feeding myself a dialogue of failure and doubt. I believed I had no talent, nothing to offer and that I had let everyone down, including my family. I told myself to give up because I'd never be successful.

But then I remembered - none of that is true.

I've seen the lives that were transformed. I've seen women step up, believe in themselves and pursue a dream for their life that they never imagined was attainable. I've seen women come together and support each other in a world that so often fuels dissent, jealousy, and bitter competition. I’ve seen women beaming with pride for completing their first fitness certification and even more pride as they conquered fears and started teaching fitness classes. I've led women through extended weekend retreats and go home transformed. I know that I created this tribe, I put love into women of all walks of life and I fostered the love that the tribe holds.

Even though I *thought* FXP Fitness was the culmination of my life's experiences come together to fulfill my purpose, I now embrace it as a stepping stone (or mountain) on the evolutionary journey of my life.

The Next Chapter

I have a vision, a purpose, and an answer for what's next and the company closing has brought a needed closure for me, permission to talk about the struggle and offer transparency about the last 8 months.

FXP Fitness was the testing ground for coaching. I led and mentored a tribe of fierce women and I never want to stop doing that. I have always been fulfilled when helping women establish their purpose and path in life but it never occurred to me that it is what I am called to do. I know NOW, though, and it’s so clear.

Life has a rhythm and timing that can’t be forced. I could never step into coaching without the personal and professional triumphs and tragedies that forged and evolved me to ever new levels. Even more than that, the lessons and expertise of all that has transpired mean nothing if I hold them in secret. A life journey is meant to be shared for the betterment of humanity.

Turn The Page

FXP Fitness will close. But my heart for people

and possibility is more open than ever. I am ready- are you? We can do so much together...and here is how I'm going to do it!

1) Transformation Weekends- I am so excited to carry on the next generation of retreat that was started during FXP, with three "Live Fearlessly" Transformation Weekends! These will be small, intimate gatherings of women who feel they are called for more, but are STUCK.

2) KBeezy AF Podcast- We all know what "AF" means these days, but I'm giving it a new twist as it means "and friends." Launching on May 1st, each episode will feature a fearless woman that is doing incredible things in the world. I already have an amazing line up of guests and recording starts on April 2nd (ironic, right)?

I am more excited than ever before and ready to share with even more women, what I already know - YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

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