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Faith and Purpose

From the time I was a very young girl, I felt (KNEW) I was meant to do something REALLY REALLY big in the world. I didn't know what it was, but I knew I was going to help people, I was going to change lives... yep - seriously.

For the last 20 years I thought I wasn't amounting to anything. I have been technically "successful" but not making the difference I felt called to when I was a little KBeezy.

Now, as I nurture this coaching business and watch the newly birthed Ride or Die Tribe fill with life - it all makes sense.

In order to do what God made me for, I had to survive a whole bunch of ish. I had to experience Him in many, MANY different ways. I had to get to the other side before I could see fully how intimately present He has been in my life.

He was forging me in some hot ass fire - it makes sense now. What's more is I see so clearly that He has like SO much more work to do with me.

I'm slow about these things, because I'd really rather do life my way; but I get it now. I've not lived a *cursed* life, I'm living a called life.

Yo, God - I'm answering. (which is also a super terrifying thing to say because God plans totally scary things. don't believe me? Ask Moses. I'm also totally NO Moses, so maybe keep it small, God? See - there I go again. Ugh #human).

What's the point? Well, I'm at my desk in tears, from intense emotions - this clear realization of how patient and loving God has been with me for my entire life when He probably should have just rolled His eyes and moved on, is overwhelming. What a love that is!

Anyway, it's sitting on me really heavy tonight and my spirit is dancing in awe of a God that never gave up on me. And, guys - He totally hasn't given up on you - He may be the ONLY one that hasn't, but He's the only one that counts, so it's a pretty great place to start, if you think about it.



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