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"Do the Fu%@ing Yoga"

As long as I'm in town, you'll find me riding up to US Army Base Ft. Campbell at 5am every Thursday with my friend Connie, who is also the founder of my favorite non-profit, Joined Forces Yoga, for which I have the privilege of being the Strategic Advisor.

Having gotten home a couple hours ago from our weekly pilgrimage, I've been reflecting about the work we do with our military and have some thoughts about how yoga and life teach me so much.

Here's the deal - Yoga is Hard.

As an actively practicing yoga person (formally- a "yogi") - there are days when I hate it until I'm done and get that yoga high and finally remember why I love yoga. There are days when yoga is the only way I can get through the daily shit. There are days when I float through my practice like a unicorn, warrior-yoga goddess. The one thing that is constant? It's hard. EVERY. TIME.

At Ft. Campbell I have the amazing privilege of serving with the JFY team to bring yoga to the 100+ soldiers that show up. Sometimes the response to the hard work is to goof off, to hide from the work and distract those on neighboring mats from noticing the struggle.

Life - like yoga - is full of times when we focus on what hurts, what's uncomfortable and then try to cover up the struggle; but, here's the thing - yoga isn't a competition with anyone but your own mind.

Are you showing off? Are you quiet and focused? Are you half-assing it?

How you show up on your mat is often a reflection of how you show up in life.

Most weeks, my response to a soldier that's struggling and masking it with jokes? I just say, "Do the fucking yoga." Like. I literally say it- Always gets a good laugh from the buddies around him, but guess what happens - they all of a sudden show up and do the fucking yoga.

Move one arm, one foot, stand up, touch your toes, breathe - do it. Overthink it and you fail. Every time.

Here's my question for you... How are YOU doing life?

Are you pushing forward and overcoming? Getting thru the hard stuff to get the high of accomplishment? OR is life happening to you and you're kicking and screaming against it the whole way?

Meditation helps get me out of the mental hamster wheel and back into the flow. What works for you? How do you snap your thoughts out of the muck and start doing life?

I'd love to hear from you - hear your thoughts, hear how you overcome the out of control monkey mind - so drop a comment, or send me an email!

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