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On Being Lost

A year ago- in November of 2017- the startup company that I founded and ran for just over 4 years, closed. It was a successful business; but, the investors were taking hits in other areas of their portfolio and they called the note on us- a BIG note.

That community, the tribe was everything to me. It was the reason I left my corporate job, it was EVERYTHING I had EVER wanted to do. The women of that tribe were "my people." I was left hurt, confused, and really lost. I felt like a failure and felt like I'd let the entire tribe down. I didn't know what to do with my life.

As I tried to sort it out, friends came along to pick me up out of the darkness, and remind me what my gifts are. I wrestled with throwing in the towel on being an entrepreneur - go back to the corporate world that had continued courting me for the last 4 years. OR - start something new. But, what?

I thought about what I loved about that company. I realized that it was the coaching - helping the 30,000 member community thru their personal and professional struggles. Mentoring women who were starting a business for the first time or helping women find their voice and their worth after years of self-doubt and even abusive relationships.

THAT is why I loved it. I loved the connection and seeing women blossom into the woman they were born to be! It had very little to do with the product itself and everything to do with the privilege of being part of the success the women in the tribe were experiencing in life!

Despite having coached women my ENTIRE professional career, it was that moment of realization at the beginning of 2018 that birthed "Kristin Benton Coaching."

It's never easy starting a new venture - I know, I've done it several times. I've learned a lot about business; but, more than that, I've learned about myself and the mindset - what it takes to show up for yourself. To be your own cheerleader on rough days, to ask for help without feeling like a failure.

Here's the thing about being "lost." It's terrifying. It's where you make a choice to give up or to get up. To either lean into the next level of your life, or settle and retreat to a safer, lower level than what you deserve.

SO, where are you at right now? Trying to figure out your next move? Feeling a little defeated by a dream that shattered? Feeling less than fulfilled with your relationships, career? Wrestling with how to take the leap? Afraid of failing?

Those questions are so familiar to me. And the answers are there - don't give up!

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