Boundary Ninja


So many of us live in a space that feels false. Screaming to say what YOU want, do what YOU know is right for YOU.


Bound by fear, guilt, or even shame... we just go along with whatever the other person (people) want, while inside you feel as if everyone else is running your life.

I know this life SO well and I can tell you from experience that the work I've do to get on the "other side" of that is incredible! 

KB Swag!

Sure "KB" is my initials, but it can also be:

Killer Babes

Kickin Boss

Kelsey Ballerini (?)


Maybe those are terrible examples, but mostly it's about being proud of your perfect mess of a self :)

So, no matter what you want it to stand for, you'll look awesome. Several styles available!

D'Moda Sportwear

Literally, the only leggings I have ever fallen in love with. 


-They don't slide

-Don't leave marks

-Wash like a dream

-One size fits most

-Shape to YOUR body

-Absorb sweat so you stay dry

-Woman owned and run

-Environment friendly inks

... and all beautiful designs!

Available in high-waisted (that's what I love), shorts, or regular rise waist. 

Use discount code:

KBEEZY15  for 15% off!!!

Egg Whites Int'l

The most bio-available form of protein in the world. Egg Whites Int'l is a 100% liquid (not raw) product.


The stats for 1 cup?

26g protein

2g carbs

no fat

no cholesteral

just 120 calories!

NO odor.

NO Flavor.

NO Texture.


You can put it in ANYTHING and you'll never know it's there!


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